Introduction ES-25 Energy saver is a highly advanced and sophisticated transformer based power voltage optimizer that attaches to your incoming electricity supply. It is a tried and tested technology known as voltage or power optimization to control voltage and suppressing the load harmonics on lighting and mixed load. This lowers the amount of kWh consumed, […]

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Waste Heat Recovery System

OPEL ENERGY SYSTEMS Opel energy systems Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with over 12 years of experience in energy field and over 250 Energy conservation projects in various industries saving huge amount of energy/fuel. With our outstanding service in providing energy conservation solution has led us to have clientele including Titan, Cummins, […]

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Flux Maxiox Fuel Saver Technology

OPEL ENERGY SYSTEMS Introduction: The dynamics of combustion of hydrocarbon fuel has forever been a subject of intense research the world over; as also the problems associated with it such as decrease in equipment efficiency through incomplete combustion, consequent carbon deposits and high emission levels.Flux Hi-Tech, Inc. has conducted exhaustive research into the utilization of […]

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Life Jackets, Fireman Suits and Immersion Suits

Lifejackets Solas Approved Lifejackets which fully comply with the requirements of the latest regulations (IMO Regulations) with ergonomic design which allow them to adjust easily to every size, suitable for all weather conditions are supplied by us. We supply brands like Eval, Nautilus, Besto. Normal Lifejacket and Inflatable Lifejackets are available. Firemans Suit We supply […]

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The Stat-X Aerosol fixed fire suppression system is an innovative, cost-effective and ecologically safe solution for rapid fire extinguishing and protection of high value enclosures. Stat-X Units are simply fixed directly on the wall or ceiling in the risk area being protected, which allows easier and more cost-effective installations that require no pipe work or […]

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