Residential, commercial and public property all contain highly important assets in need of fire protection, most significantly the people that live, work and move within them, but also the knowledge in the form of documents and other ‘hardware’ contained within their walls.
Maxell recognizes that buildings have high risk areas that require critical fire protection, the hot spots that are so often the source of fire. Our modular approach to property fire protection ensures coverage throughout the building where it matters most, minimizing cost, disruption and time of installation.
Maxell is the Middle East agent for Stat-X, a self-contained 2nd generation Condensed Aerosol fire suppression system. Installation of this fire suppression system requires no pipework or nozzles and the aerosol fire extinguisher units are placed directly on or in the risk being protected. The potassium based suppressant exhibits similar characteristics to the gases but unlike gas the aerosol remains in suspension for up to an hour, providing extended post fire security against re-ignition.
The Stat-X aerosol fire extinguisher units are sized for volume protection and are extremely compact, intensely efficient and cost effective to install. They are particularly effective at protecting small process or plant hot spots, machinery spaces or switch gear. They can be used strategically to prevent fire escalation and therefore negate the requirement for building sprinkler systems to actuate, reducing or avoiding associated water damage.
Stat-X aerosol fire suppression units are environmentally friendly with zero ozone depletion and zero global warming potential, they can present a very cost effective alternative to traditional gas suppression systems with their superior suppression performance, space and weight savings and ease of installation.
Maxell also represents kitchen fire suppression system from Nobel Fire UK. In an environment where speed is critical and flammable, hot liquids are numerous, the risk of fire can be extremely high. When this is combined with transient staff and demanding working conditions the risk factor can quickly escalate. In kitchens where extraction systems go through the building or in the case of multi-occupancy sites, go through numerous buildings, the results of fire can be catastrophic.
Nobel’s K-Series kitchen fire suppression system is designed to meet the harsh realities of the commercial kitchen. Manufactured in stainless steel, with complete monitoring and reporting of critical functions and automatic actuation the system ensures staff don’t have to approach the fire and are always made aware of its operational integrity. Uniquely, Nobel also offer extended ductwork protection, stopping a kitchen fire potentially resulting in total building loss.

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Our Products and Services Include:

  • Kitchen Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System
  • Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression System
  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Learn more about the products and services Maxell International has to offer the Commercial & Residential scetor.



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