Fire Fighting Equipments

Fire Extinguishers

We supply a variety of Portable and Non Portable Fire Extinguishers like Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical Powder, Foam and Water ranging from sizes 2 kgs to 50 kgs . We represent brands like SRI and EVERSAFE Malaysia which are approved as per the marine standard.

Fire Hoses

Fire Hoses which are suitable for Industrial and Marine applications are available rubber lined with a high tenacity polyester yarn outer covering. The inner rubber outer synthetic hoses are single layered and double layered having various marine approvals and can be coupled and uncoupled with various couplings like NST, Storz, Nakagima, John Morris.


Gate valves, Globe valves, Right angled Hydrant valves which are Flanged and Nonflanged applicable as per Marine standards are all available in our scope of supply. We supply brands like Giacomini, Killfire, Gopfert AG.


Foam Monitors & Nozzles

Jet and Spray Nozzle, 3 Position Fog Nozzle, Piston Grip Nozzle for Marine applications coupled with various couplings like John Morris, Nakajima, Storz are within our scope of supply. We supply brands like Protek, Akron, AWG.

Foam Monitors used for Helideck area applications are supplied and installed by us of various brands like Skum, Protek and Elkhart.


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