Life Saving Appliances

Life Rafts

Throw over type inflatable Liferafts and Davit Launchable Liferafts ranging from 6 person to 25 Person capacity which are approved as per the Marine standards are available within our scope of supply. We supply Sea Air and CSM brands from China.

Life Boats & Davits

Coming Soon …

Fast Rescue Boats & launching Devices

Fast Rescue Boats which are Inflatable and Rigid Type are supplied by us of various person capacity.We supply Rescue boats of the brand Jiangyinshi Beihai (China).

Life Jackets, Fireman Suits and Immersion Suits

Solas Approved Lifejackets which fully comply with the requirements of the latest regulations (IMO Regulations) with ergonomic design which allow them to adjust easily to every size, suitable for all weather conditions are supplied by us. We supply brands like Eval, Nautilus, Besto. Read More


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