The Stat-X Aerosol fixed fire suppression system is an innovative, cost-effective and ecologically safe solution for rapid fire extinguishing and protection of high value enclosures. Stat-X Units are simply fixed directly on the wall or ceiling in the risk area being protected, which allows easier and more cost-effective installations that require no pipe work or nozzles. The Stat-X units have zero ozone depletion and zero global warming potential and are available as electrically, thermally or manually activated units.
An Effective and Economical Alternative

Excellent firefighting capability
Fast response time
Low fire extinguishing concentration
Environmental friendly
Personnel Friendly
Safe for Equipment
No pressurized agent vessels
No distribution piping, manifold or nozzles
Minimal maintenance
Cost Effective
Service Life of 10 years
Manufactured under NFPA 2010 standard
Listed to UL2775
US EPA approved for use in occupied areas

Stat-X fire protection systems are used in critical applications across a wide range of industries

Server/Electrical rooms
Data center rooms
Process Control rooms
Data Processing facilities
Elevator Machine rooms
Archives/storage rooms
Flammable Liquid Storage
Power utility protection
Rolling stock – Transportation
Wind turbines
Marine and offshore
General Industrial Hazards

Global Certificates:

Underwriters Laboratories, US
Underwriters Laboratories, Canada
Underwriters Laboratories, Denmark
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
ABS, ECB, BV, MCA, RINA and many more…


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